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The Halls of Residence of the Complutense University of Madrid offer great budget accommodation possibilities in Madrid,  fundamentally for visiting students. With a wide choice of locations and facilities, we are sure to find a residence that will suit you. They have five Halls, four of them inside the Campus, and a fifth located in the city, in Moncloa (see map). These residences are close to the downtown and with very good transportation links to every important place in Madrid. You can see the prices and photograhs of the different kinds of rooms, as well as more information and photographs, in their website. For general information, send an e-mail to

For booking you should contact directly The Halls of Residence through Mr. Raúl Rodríguez (, Phone: +34 913941087).
Halls of Residence, University Complutense of Madrid
Residencia de Estudiantes del CSIC More convenient, although more expensive, is the Residencia de Estudiantes del CSIC, two minutes away from the Instituto de Quimica-Fisica "Rocasolano".

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