Registration & Fee - MCS2015   (if you don't see a menu on the left, use this link)

Requests to participate must be sent by a free-formated E-mail, before March 21, 2015 to one of the following address:, indicating the motivation to participate and including a letter of recommendation from PhD Director (only for PhD students).

Accepted participants will be notified by e-mail before April 4, 2015.

Once the applicant is accepted, a fee of 300 € has to be paid to cover workshop organization, using a bank transfer to:

Account owner: Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
VAT (CIF) code: G-80090863
Address: c/ Libreros 10, 28801-Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Account number: 2038 2201 23 6000799827
IBAN Code: ES36 2038 2201 2360 0079 9827
Warning! Do not forget:
  • that the bank charges must be paid by the participant
  • to include the text: MCS2015 + "your name" in the subject of the bank transfer
  • to keep a till receipt and a copy of the bank transfer

Once fees are paid, please complete the following registration form:

Registration Form

and send it, with a copy of the bank transfer (before May
5, 2015), to:         and to: