Some pictures taken during IUCr2011 (Madrid, 2011)
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Here we offer two photos corresponding to the XXII Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography, held in Madrid, in August 2011 ...

Several people of the IUCr2011 Local Organizing Committee
Several members of the IUCr2011 Local Organizing Committee
Back, from left to right: Julia Sanz-Aparicio, Avelino Martín, Pilar Gómez Sal, Catalina Ruiz, Enrique Gutiérrez-Puebla, Miguel Ángel Cuevas, Pascual Román Polo, Marta E.G. Mosquera and Sol López Andrés.
Front, from left to right: Lourdes Infantes San Mateo, Martín Martínez-Ripoll, Marta Jiménez and Armando Albert.

Tom Steitz, Venki Ramakrishnan and Martin M.-Ripoll at the IUCr2011
From left to right: Thomas A. Steitz and Venki Ramakrishnan (Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, 2009), accompanied by Martin Martínez-Ripoll (Vice-Chairman of IUCr2011)

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