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Maria Moreno during her PhD party February 2017.
Maria Moreno being congratulated by her PhD director, Dr Armando Albert.

Maria Moreno Alvero
María Moreno Alvero
July 2015.
The Grupo Especializado de Cristalografía y Crecimiento Cristalino (GE3C) and PANalytical have awarded the first prize for poster presentation to Maria Moreno Alvero for her work: On the chemical control of the plant response to abiotic stress, supervised by Dr. A. Albert. The poster was presented at the XXXV Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Quimica (A Coruña, Spain).

CBE members awarded by the Spanish Society of Biophysics (SBE)
Prof. Juan A. Hermoso, Bruker-SBE Prize 2015
June 2015.
The Executive Council of SBE has awarded the "2015 Manuel Rico-Bruker" Prize to Dr. Juan A. Hermoso, for his extensive CV, especially in recent years, and his important contributions in the field of Structural Biology. Juan A. Hermoso is a Research Professor of this Department. He is author of more than 144 publications in international journals, and co-author of 5 books. His main research field is related to unravel the mechanisms of virulence and pathogenesis and the means to circumvent them, using structural biology. His work focuses on proteins of the bacterial surface related to disease via key functions like host-pathogen interactions, division, antibiotics resistance or the remodeling of the peptidoglycan framework.
Cecilia Artola - SBE-33 Prize 2015 June 2015.
The SBE-33 Prize has been awarded to Dr. Cecilia Artola (a former PhD student by 
Prof. Juan A. Hermoso), for her excellent work on the recycling of the bacterial cell wall and its implications for antibiotic resistance.

Antonio Chaves Sanjuán: 2015 Xavier Solans Award April 2015.
The Grupo Especializado de Cristalografía y Crecimiento Cristalino (GE3C) has awarded the
2015 'Xavier Solans’ Prize to Dr. Antonio Chaves-Sanjuán (a former PhD student by Dr. Armando Albert and Dr. María José Sánchez-Barrena), for his excellent work on the abiotic stress resistance and ion homeostasis control in plants. This award recognizes the work of young researchers who perform their research in Spain in the field of crystallography and crystal growth.

Crystallography and Mathematics, A meeting dedicated to young students September 2014.
Crystallography and Mathematics, a meeting dedicated to young students in the context of the 
International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014).

Gautam Desiraju during his talk, May 2014 May 2014.
The President of the International Union of Crystallography, Prof. Gautman Desiraju, visited our Department to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014) and gave a seminar entitled:
Crystal Engineering. From Molecule to Crystal.

High-School students show interest on Crystallography
May 2014.
Two highly motivated students from a high school have visited our Department in the context of a program of the Comunidad de Madrid that links School and Enterprises. Both students have shown interest on research work and, especially, on crystallography. They have purified and crystalized a recombinant protein, they have also taken some diffraction data, and now they are aware of the importance of protein structure.